New Life Spectrum Foods are solely distributed in the UK by Aquatica International Ltd a trading division of Neil Hardy Aquatica Ltd, Surrey.

Neil Hardy Aquatica are a well respected supplier to leading aquatic outlets in the UK and worldwide. The family owned firm was established in 1982.

Neil Hardy Aquatica is a member of the Ornamental Aquatic Trades Association (OATA) and holds to their customer charter which aims to uphold standards of quality throughout the aquatic trade.

New Life Spectrum Foods provide:

  • Beautiful Natural Colours

    Four all-natural colour-enhancing ingredients, including spirulina, help fish display their full spectrum of colouration. Try it for your own fish and see what a difference it can make!

  • High Quality Ingredients

    New Life Spectrum foods are made with high quality krill and herring providing highly digestible protein for your fish. Using the best sources (rather than cheaper fishmeals) leads to the minimum amount of waste, reduces the risk of tank pollution, and encourages fish to seek the food out enthusiastically. See our video - even finicky fish take readily to New Life Spectrum

  • Balanced Diet

    Feeding an exclusive diet of New Life Spectrum provides your fish with all the nutrients they require. The necessary minerals and vitamins are there too. This comprehensive diet optimises the immune system for health and vitality, and provides essential elements found in the natural environment that are often missing from aquaria.

  • Micro-granules to Jumbo Pellets

    With increased density compared to flake foods, fish get sufficient intake of nutrients for vigorous growth and health. Dust and fines are also reduced to minimise wastage and pollution. Foods sizes vary from micro-granules up to jumbo pellets, all designed to break down slowly in the water and lower the risk of pollution if uneaten.

  • Formulas to suit every fish

    Specialist ranges for tropical freshwater, marine, and goldfish and koi.


For testimonials about New Life Spectrum foods from some of the USA’s leading fishkeepers, visit the US manufacturer’s site here.